Monument Valley is Out Today!

Written by Elliott Finn

Remember that stunning, Escher-inspired puzzle game for iOS that you saw the trailer for a few months ago? Well, you can play it right now!

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Then finish it… ’Cause I’m with you till the end of the line.


Studio Ghibli films throughout the years

Rudy Francisco x

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"bisexual women are not more accepted than gay men and lesbians, they’re more sexualized. and that is a huge difference.”

~Stevie Boebi (aka SassiBoB) from the YouTube video Bisexuals are GREEDY WHORES: Lesbians hate on and discriminate against Bisexual Women. Cut it out.

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I’m sorry I am but nothing will ever top this gif this is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen and I want to kiss this dog

He’s ready for an adventure

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At first I was “haha I love puns” but then I was ” oh wait Jessica gets groped so much that she has to resort to drastic measures to make sure her personal boundaries are respected.”

She’s actually a strong symbol as a woman who doesn’t let men walk over her like that, she knows she’s sexy and she uses that against these men (this takes place in the 40’s, by the way) to assert her dominance

hence the booby trap, she didn’t just let him grope her, she said “fuck you” to what she knew was going to happen.

no pretty sure this was just a pun for the joke since it’s a fucking cartoon you knobheads always tryna twist shit into some social justice bullshit shut up

Of all the examples, this is not one of them where its “just a pun” you can see it on her fucking face that that happens a lot and shes over it.

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This post makes me feel so much better :)


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I’ve watched this gif about a hundred times in a row and I smile every time

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